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One Sample t-Test

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Independent Samples t-Test

The independent samples t-test is probably the single most widely used test in statistics. It is used to compare differences between separate groups. In Psychology, these groups are often composed by randomly assigning research participants to conditions.


Correlation is a technique that summarizes the relationship between 2 paired variables.

Paired t-Test

In many research designs, it is helpful to measure the same people more than once. A common example is testing for performance improvements (or decrements) over time.

One-way ANOVA

Oneway ANOVA is a generalization of the independent samples t-test. In psychology, for example, we often want to contrast several conditions in an experiment; such as a control, a standard treatment, and a newer “experimental” treatment.

Scheffe Post-hoc Comparisons

Whenever an ANOVA model is used to examine the differences among more than 2 groups, a posthoc procedure can be used to compare differences between all pairs of means. Posthoc comparisons are very similar to t-tests, but they help control type-I error.

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